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Frontgate poses as a online, high end, high-quality, luxury and unique home goods provider and they do have so very nice and unique items, although the quality of these items often does not match the high prices. The problem is when there is a problem and there seems to always be some sort of a problem, they have just terrible customer service. They use a "next in line" service approach where no single person handles your concern over the duration of your concern or communications with them. I'm not sure they each even know what the other people have previously said in the process of trying to resolve an issue.

My biggest complaint, though, is that they resell items that have been returned to them as though they were brand new. That has happened on 2 separate occasions, the first one for a drone I purchased (which I had no problem returning), and the most recent was for a $1000 turntable that arrived "hand-packed" in a home-made box with very little padding at all. That is no original packing materials or box of any kind and very little supplementary packing material leaving no protection what-so-ever for this fragile item. Of course, it arrived not only damaged, to the clear plastic dust cover, but also missing several key components, like the cartridge and head assembly, (that costs me almost double the offered discount to replace by itself), plus the 45 adapter (milled solid aluminum), 4 washers and the hex tool for adjusting the feet. The thing is, Frontage charged me $160 for shipping & handling for this order, which included other items. You would think that with such high shipping and handling costs, certainly higher than any other online retailer that I know of, you would think they would actually take the time to properly prepare and pack items to protect them for shipping, especially very delicate, high-value items. But that did not happen.

It is also important to note, they do not tell you in advance you are getting a previously sold or "open box" item, but you would think that before they resold these used items, something someone else has already returned for one reason or another, that Frontgate would first completely inventory the item to ensure it is actually complete before shipping them out again to someone else.

So, when I complained about the poor packaging and shipping materials that led to damage and missing items, I was told there were no other items available to exchange this particular item and that my option was to return it for a full refund plus, I was offered $25 towards the cost of a box for me to pack it in. I assume they wanted me to "properly" pack it for its return, (unlike how I received it from them). I pointed out that I did not want to return it if there were no more, I wanted them to replace the missing and damaged items. After insisting, I was offered a 25% additional discount on the price I paid which did barely covered half the cost of buying the missing cartridge & head assembly, much less the other missing and damaged items. I replied with an offer to pay the cost of replacing all the missing items and the damaged dust cover if Frontgate would just acquire or cover the cost of the most important piece, the cartridge & head unit. They said no.

In the end, it costs me more money to purchase this damaged item than if I had ignored the promotion they had going on in the first place.

It is important to remember, this entire situation was 100% Frontgate's fault, it can not be blamed on the shipper, me or anyone else.... Frontgate charged me $160 for shipping and handling and failed to properly prepare, protect and pack my item, leading to these results and then, in reality, refused to accept responsibility for it by not repairing the damaged parts and replacing the other missing items, most importantly the cartridge and head assembly.

How disappointing and frustrating that Frontgate doesn't have the integrity to accept responsibility when they err. Until I decide to post here, I didn't realize how many other people had also had such a bad experience with Frontagte's customer service. Something to keep in mind for the future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Frontgate Customer Care.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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